Style Consultation

“Fashion is over quickly,
style lasts forever!”

Do you feel confused by the different styles of clothing each season and knowing which styles suit you best?  Do you want to buy wisely for clothes that will last several seasons and even years but end up with clothes in your wardrobe that you never wear?


If this sounds like you, then a style consultation will transform the way you shop!  Shopping mistakes will be a thing of the past.


In a style consultation, Charlotte looks at your face shape, body shape, scale, height, proportion and style personality to determine which styles, fabrics and patterns of clothing suit you best and will help you dress confidently every time.  Charlotte will complete and personalise a style workbook throughout the consultation, which you will take away with you and can refer to time and time again at home.


Charlotte will ask you to bring three outfits to the consultation: one that you love wearing; a work outfit if you work and an outfit that you have in your wardrobe but never wear.  Charlotte will give you advice on these outfits to help you understand and apply what you have learnt in the style consultation to these outfits.  You will then feel more confident putting your new knowledge into practice when shopping for new clothes.


Style Consultation: £145

Full Image Consultation (colour & style): £320.


Style Update (individual/2/3 per party): this seasonal style update looks at the latest styles and colours of the season and includes a complimentary style update card.


You need to update your look this season, but you’re unsure of where to begin!

The world is changing and most of us wish to protect our environment. When we read articles saying: it would take more than 13 years to drink the amount of water needed to make one pair of jeans and a t-shirt!’ it makes many of us re-consider how many new garments we purchase.


To buy or not to buy - is that the question?

My Style Update Workshop consultation could really help you decide on which garments you should keep and what you need to buy (if anything) to ensure that your wardrobe stays bang up to date this season. It’ll also help you interpret and understand how the latest trends can work for you.


During the one-hour consultation, you discover:

  • How to choose your most flattering styles
  • Which colours to buy and how to mix them with your existing shades
  • The key trends and where to find them (even these could be lurking in the back of your wardrobe)
  • What accessories to select to update your look
  • How to tie scarves – they’re BIG news this season
  • Hints and tips to help you achieve that perfect party make-up


1 person - £60.00

2 people - £55.00 ea.

3 people - £50.00 ea.


Refreshments will be provided, and your Style Update guide is included (to help you remember what you have learned). Why not bring one or two friends along and make a morning or afternoon of it!