Colour Consultation

“The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you!”
Coco Chanel

My colour consultations are my most popular consultations! Why?

Colour can have a huge impact on how you feel and the image you portray to others. When you wear the correct shades of colours, you look younger, healthier and simply glow confidently. In my colour consultations, you will learn which colours suit you and how to choose colours that make you look amazing and you feel confident wearing. A colour consultation is a fantastic way to instantly update your personal image, boost your confidence and to look and feel your best every day.


In a colour consultation, I start with a luxurious mini-facial using Colour Me Beautiful skincare (vegan, organic, cruelty-free and British). I then look at your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour to determine which personal colour palette you are from the Colour Me Beautiful analysis system. I analyse your dominant, secondary and tertiary colours and put together your personalised 42 colour swatch wallet, which is slimline and will fit into your handbag easily to take shopping. You will be able to use it as a guide when choosing clothes to ensure you always buy clothes in your colours.


Next is the full make-up makeover using Colour Me Beautiful make-up in your palette that compliments your colouring perfectly. I show you how to apply your make-up and give you plenty of choice of make-up in beautiful Colour Me Beautiful colours! The finished look is one that is natural and beautiful, and one that is easy to recreate yourself every day whether for work, social or personal occasions.


Finally, I will be show you how to wear your full range of 42 colours and give you advice on how to wear your neutral colours and accent colours to ensure you always look and feel fabulous! I will show you how to wear your colours successfully and how to combine them effortlessly so that you feel confident choosing clothes when shopping and building a capsule wardrobe that will last for many years.


Included in all my colour consultations, is a Style Personality Questionnaire that you fill in to discover your own unique style personality, a chat about the psychology of colours and Style Update so you know the key trends for the new season and which colours and styles to look out for to suit your own special personality. I also recommend high street and online shops that are suitable for you for shopping.

Time for a colour review?

Colour Review: £50 plus £6.50 for each new swatch card (containing six fabrics)

If you had your colours analysed years ago but now realise that your colouring has changed, it might be time to book a colour review with me. I can offer you a re-assessment of your personal colour palette. As well as a review of your colour palette, this one-hour session also includes a complimentary mini facial using Colour Me Beautiful skincare (vegan, organic, cruelty-free and British) and a make-up application using Colour Me Beautiful make-up specifically designed to compliment your colouring. You will leave feeling completely refreshed and pampered!


Swatches in your wallet can be removed and added and additional swatch cards (containing six fabric swatches) purchased at £6.50 each. If your colouring has changed dramatically, you will be able to purchase a complete wallet of 42 colours.

A colour consultation is 1.5 hours.


Full colour consultation (42 colour swatch wallet, full make-up application): £145


Dominant colour consultation (30 colour swatch wallet, full make-up application): £95


Colour only consultation (42 colour swatch wallet, no make-up application): £95


Full Image Consultation (Colour, Make-up and Style): £320 (3 hours)


Colour Parties (2/3/4 per party, 30 colour swatch wallet):
2 people £80 person (2 hours),
3 people £75 per person (2.5 hours),
4 people £70 per person (3 hours), including a 30 swatch wallet as a guide for shopping.

Dressed for Success!
(dominant colour analysis, full make-up, style personality & body shape): £160

It is in the first seven seconds after you meet someone, that a first impression is made. Dressing appropriately for work is important for creating the right first impression, giving you confidence in your professional appearance and the image you portray. When working with colleagues and meeting clients, it is important that you portray the right image for your role. This workwear consultation is ideal for those applying to universities and further education colleges and jobs, as well as those attending interviews, going back to work after a career break or those simply wanting to refresh their image in their current job and wanting to create that right first impression.


In this workwear consultation, I analyse your dominant colouring, do your full make-up in Colour Me Beautiful make-up in your palette that compliments your colouring perfectly, look at your style personality and body shape and then advise you on clothing that will suit you and your role in your job. We also look at the psychology of colours to help you understand how to use colour to portray a particular image. This consultation also includes a mini Style Update to help you understand how to apply the latest seasonal trends in colour and style into your professional wardrobe.


For those applying to university, further education colleges or a new job, I am able to help with your CV and job application as part of your Dressed for Success consultation for an additional charge of £40 an hour.


You may also wish to include a Personal Shopping Experience as part of my Dressed for Success package with a special rate of £40 an hour (minimum 2 hours).